Learning Labs & Bootcamps

Each of the Time for DMOcracy Editions include a series of both online and physical meetings, inviting key experts in different fields relating to community activation, citizen participation and new modes of governance.

Topics & Highlights from the North American Edition

Citizen Participation Models

Our expert speakers for this session will be joining us from Paris & Barcelona: Ieva Česnulaitytė, Policy Analyst, OECD & Rosa Bada Institutional Director, Visit Barcelona. 

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Resident Sentiment Research

Topics include:

  1. Research options & opportunities
  2. Research design, testing & execution
  3. Reporting, communications & action

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Workforce Engagement

Join us for the first in-person learning lab on workforce engagement and networking event at the Destinations International conference in Toronto, Canada. More details coming soon…

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Topics & Highlights from the European Edition

Resident Sentiment

Online Participation

Deliberative Wave & Institutions